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Assalamualaikum peeps ! Welcome to blog of mine.

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And alhamdulillah, thank Allah for we are still given a chance to breathe in this world full of adventure.

O' Allah, keep us away from anger.


Today is the 6th day of fasting. How are your AMAL so far? I hope we're all struggling so hard to make this Ramadhan the best Ramadhan ever. Congratz for those who are consistent in performing the Tarawih prayer, and also for those who are reciting Quran at Juz 6 by now. Be proud for being istaqamah in doing your worship!

As we all have known, Ramadhan is the most noble and blessed month in the world. Therefore, no syaitan could get off and interrupt us, Muslimin worshiping. I just hope that Allah can keep us all away from anger cuz you know, this month Allah will test His servants with any forms of tests as to test our patience. I just pray that we will not easily get mad and instead, Allah ease us in being patient with any tests He gives us. Sometimes, I simply got angry with the thing that I guess, is just a very small matter whether it happens among  family, friends, or etc. Well, Ramadhan is a month of testing patience. We're always tested even to take a single step to goodness. Even so, don't ever lose and give up! It's all about gaining rewards. Siapa takmau ^^

Aha, I just watched "Roses and Beetles" on Youtube 3 days ago. It's an awesome forum for those who want to find a perfect match. Hahaha! But according to Wardina in her talks, she said that "There is no such thing as a perfect match". Instead, she said, the focus should be on finding someone who is compatible with you in terms of his way of thinking. Hmm.. such a worth video to be watched ^^ but actually, I am more interested with the talk given by Aiman Azlan. Heheh. You can watch all of the videos here

May this entry gives you benefits. Happy fasting!